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Passion for photography is what motivated me to create this website. I’ve been taking photographs since I don’t remember when. I enjoyed going through them, choosing the good ones, editing and sharing with friends. The crucial breakpoint was my participation at the 2008 Olympic Games in China (Beijing & Qingdao). I was there mainly to take photos of the Czech national sailing team and of course atmosphere and the other athletes. And I was using digital SLR for the first time in my life ... So I fell deeply in love and had my own Canon EOS 50D by the end of the year.

I decided to share my passion about what I do and let people know more about my work. I love taking photos and I love when those pictures make people in them or their friends and family happy. This site represents my style, it is mixture of my personal portfolio and photos I was taking on demand. I don’t have any strict rates, they really depend on the occasion, availability etc. I am open to do TFCDs (Time for CD), if I have enough time and find the topic interesting.

Feel free to contact me when you want shoot with me, check my availabilities for your special occasion, buy some of my photos or should you have any questions about my work whatsoever :


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